class-buttonTeaching / Choreography / Performance

  • CreativFolkloric, Rhythm & MVMNT, AcroDance, Preschool and Elementary
  • Beg. Gymnastics/Acrobatics for Children + Youth
  • Tribal MVMNT, Tribal Contemporary
  • Parent + Child Movement/Dance Classes
  • Rhythm & MVMNT and Young Creators Summer Camp
  • Team/Building Movement Arts-based Activities for Adults

Other Resources (focusing on youth and children, but not limited to): facilitating children’s dance and gymnastics focused birthday parties, summer camps, preschool gymnastics, cultural arts dance instruction and choreography, creative movement, motor development, movement for children with special needs.



Christine Joy Ferrer is a cultural movement arts practitioner and a multi-disciplinary creative. She explores her relationship and connection to our local cultural arts communities not only as a dancer and educator, but also as writer, designer and editor. She grew up in San Francisco’s Ingleside district and graduated from San Francisco State University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts dual degree in journalism and dance; emphasis in teaching.

12193467_10206847118151371_5713103011430712486_nShe has experience working with children and youth from 11 months to 17 years old, all from diverse backgrounds, even children with special needs. Her class sizes have ranged from individual private lessons to groups of 20.

She’s had the privilege of working with youth from John O’connell High School and Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 through Jamestown Community Center; Sunnydale Clubhouse, Boys & Girls Club with the Village Dancers under Dr. Albirda Rose; Lafayette Elementary, Dance Mission Theater, and Mission Cultural Center.

For the last eight years, she’s taught gymnastics and dance to preschool and youth-age students at AcroSports in San Francisco, where she is currently the Preschool Coordinator. Her specialty lies in preschool TumbleDance (a class that incorporates gymnastics and dance). She is currently also an AVE movement arts educator.

She is in the process of creating her own curriculum that explores cultural/folkloric dance (specifically Philippine, Haitian, and Brazilian cultural movement and other world dances) with creative movement, called CreativFolkloric.

She’s studied Haitian, Philippine, Cuban-Haitian, Dunham Technique, Latin American Social Folk, Modern, Afro-Brazilian contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and tumbling. She’s also traveled to Haiti on a cultural exchange trips hosted by Daniel Brevil, musical director of Rara Tou Limen, to broaden her study of Haitian dance, drumming and culture.

She is a member of Parangal Dance Company and currently sits on the Board of Directors for World Dance Fusion. She’s recently, performed with Dancing Earth and Jiridon.

While working with the Bayview Association for Youth’s 100% College Prep, she not only choreographed and taught a group of middle-schoolers a dance piece for their annual showcase, but also led a 10-week blogging/media and design skills workshop and facilitated the creation of their Youth Voices Blog. Ferrer has also been employed by the San Francisco Unified School district, assisting with special media/design projects for Mission High School and teaching her own “Movement and Creative Arts” class.

With her diverse and unique teaching style, Ferrer’s goal is to develop creative cultural arts classes that effectively engage youth physically, visually and mentally; connecting mind, body and the free-dimensional spirit.  Read her full bio…