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The Divine is a multicultural 80+ page coloring book for people of all ages (especially the child in all of us) inspired by folklore and spiritualities from the Philippines (Diwatas/Anitos), Haiti (Lwas of Vodou) and Brazil (Orixas of Candomble and indigenous).

Thirteen divinities from each culture are represented along with the folklore and symbolism associated with each of the divinities. Included throughout the book are poems and inspirational quotes created in collaboration with All Her Words. In addition to the 39 divinities, there is a surprise included in the book.

Many of us grew up with the mythologies about Greek and Roman gods, as well as stories like Cinderella, Little Mermaid and Robin Hood. But few of us have been exposed to the stories in The Divine — stories that have been passed down from generation to generation through traditional dance, music and oral storytelling. My personal manifesto lies in drawing the connections between these cultures, beliefs and that which is always sacred, bringing to the forefront the cultures of the diaspora that are rich in wisdom but rarely given the attention they deserve.

From the Americas to Africa to the islands, let’s continue to carry and pass down these truths.

I may be the creative behind this project, but I couldn’t have done it without these phenomenal illustrators. Thank you!

A big shout out to my crowdfunding guru Desi Danganan (Balay Kreative) for his wisdom and to Jeremiah Ysip (ABC-CBN) for editing my promo video!

To all the families and kids who have been helping me with the marketing materials AND to all my friends who have so generously put up with my numerous requests for advice, I have soooooo much love and gratitude for you.

The idea for The Divine coloring book came to me a few years ago when I was teaching a CreativFolkloric workshop for MAS Summer Camp at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco. I was having my students choreograph movements inspired by Yemanja (Brazil), La Sirene (Haiti) and Magawayan (Visayas, Philippines) — all divine feminine spirits of the ocean. Having the kids color illustrations of those divine spirits of the ocean seemed like a good way to inspire them. However, I was unable to find any existing illustrations online that I could use. As a last resort, I set to create some of my own coloring pages using Adobe Illustrator to adapt images I found online.

And so was born the idea for The Divine coloring book — a personal creative journey of many months that has also been a very transformative and healing process for me. Art brings healing. Creating is medicine.

I was fortunate to have the advice and guidance of many mentors and teachers, who are extremely knowledgeable about the folklore represented in this project and many actively practice these spiritualities. I am greatly indebted to them for their help in ensuring that each story and culture is honored and represented with the greatest respect and mindful of cultural appropriation.

A special thank you to all my friends, fam and guides who believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. With your help, I hope to continue to breathe life into the project. I hope each person sees a little bit of themselves through these stories and symbolism, and that it resonates within you.

You are divine, and the divine is you.

Mentors for this project include: Alleluia Panis (KulArts), June Arellano (Parangal Dance Company), Portsha Jefferson (Rara Tou Limen), Daniel Brevil, Laure Fleurentin, Jorge Alabe and Tania Santiago (Aguas Dance Company).

Hey all, I’m Christine Joy Amagan Ferrer (most people know me as ‘Tine’). I am a pinay multidisciplinary creative from San Francisco. Of Tagalog, Iloko and Visayan known roots. I am a cultural movement youth arts educator and dance artist by day, and a designer and media producer by night. I am inspired by folklore, spirituality and cultural movement storytelling. I’ve been studying and practicing Haitian, Brazilian and Philippine Folkloric dance for a little more than a decade. I am a member of Parangal Dance Company (Philippine Folkloric) and Aguas Dance Company (Afro-Brazilian Contemporary). Learn more about me by visiting, Follow me on Instagram. Subscribe to my blog, EclectikSol.

“Sting like bee, fight like a panther and flow like water. Weave your story like a spider, harness the energy of a hummingbird, fly swift like a butterfly and listen through the darkness like a bat so you can see.” – CJF


Your contribution will go towards these costs associated with The Divine:

  • Printing, publishing, shipping and handling of the coloring book, 11×17 poster, flashcards
  • Print-on-demand fees for
  • The amazing illustrators who have contributed to this project
  • Myself, as the creator, author and designer
  • The copy editor/editor
  • Other miscellaneous and unforeseen costsI will also donate a percentage of the proceeds from this project to some of my mentors/cultural bearers from the communities represented in The Divine and who have guided me through this project.

The perks include:

  • $20 Digital Illustration Set
  • $25 Digital Coloring Book (Downloadable PDF)
  • $35 Coloring Book + Digital Illustration Set
  • $50 Coloring Book + Poster
  • $75 Coloring Book + Flashcards
  • $150 Coloring Book + Flashcards + Poster
  • $250 Private Divine MVMNT Workshop + Coloring Book + Digital Book
  • $500 Special Edition: Hardcover Coloring Book + Sponsor Acknowledgement
    + Digital Book + Poster
  • $1,000 Special Edition: Hardcover Coloring Book + Sponsor Acknowledgement
    + Dedication + Digital Book + Poster

I fully intend to have it all ready for you by the end of 2020 BUT with all the uncertainty right now, please bear with me if things get pushed to the first part of next year.


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Maraming Salamat, Mèsi Anpil and Obrigada!

Warmly Yours,

A.k.a. Tine


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