Divine in i, an intercultural community arts festival honoring the Divine Spirit within, celebrating The Divine Coloring Book, inspired by folklore and spirituality from Haiti, Brazil and the Philippines.

Produced by Christine Joy Amagan Ferrer a.k.a Tine/tinejoy
Creator, Author & Designer of The Divine Coloring Book



Divine in i: The Divine Coloring Book Cultural Arts Experience
12:30 - 6:30 PM, Saturday, September 10
@ Kapwa Gardens in San Francisco

This is also the official Divine Coloring Book launch, sponsored by California Arts Council and Dancing Earth.





Festival offerings include: Ohlone Land Acknowledgement by Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Ritual Blessing by Alleluia Panis (KulArts), an AfroBrazilian Folkloric dance workshop led by Dandha Da Hora, Haitian dance workshop led by Portsha Jefferson (Rara Tou Limen), music and dance performances by local artists Parangal, Loco Bloco, La Mezcla, Omulu Capoeira SF, AudioPharmacy, TruPeople + Hella Spirit, the premiere of The Living Divine Performance Art Installation curated by Tinejoy in collaboration with various artists, Divine Coloring Table, book signing, vendors, Vodou Altar by Ashade Designs, Earth Altarscapes by Veronica Ramirez, mindfulness art installations, Live Art by Dee Jae Paeste (one of The Divine Coloring Book illustrators) veggie/plant-based wraps by Bissap Baobab and Spirit Gumbo by DemystifiedRx, specialty/premium drinks and more. Divine in i Emcees: Jessica Recinos (Rising Rhythm) and Nina Limón of (IntiBatey).



The Experience

12:30 PM Opening: Ohlone Land Acknowledgement by Kanyon Sayers-Roods

Part i. Divine Heart: Cultural Dance Workshops
12:45 PM Afro-Brazilian Dance Workshop with Dandha Da Hora (SambaDa)
2:00 PM Haitian Folkloric Dance Workshop with Portsha Jefferson (Rara Tou Limen)

Part ii. Divine Mind: Community Performances
3:30 PM - 5:15 PM

Parangal Dance @parangaldance
Omulu Capoeira SF @armando_baqueta
Loco Bloco
La Mezcla
Hella Spirit
AudioPharmacy @audiopharmacy

Part iii. Divine Soul: The Living Divine Performance Art Installation
5:30 PM 

Ritual Blessing by Alleluia Panis (KulArts) and Aimee Amparo @kutxinta

Premiere of The Living Divine Performance Art Installation, curated by tinejoy in collaboration with performance artists:

Dre "Poko" Devis
Samad Raheem Guerra
Laure Fleurentin @fleur.laurie
Martha Zepeda Pamintuan + Mila Rose @mlzdances
Marcos Rodrigues Odara @jamwithmarcos
Veronica Blair @veronica_blair_aeriailst
Javon Jones @theenu.sunj
Tiombe Wiley @tbeta21
Joshua Icban
Manolo Davila
Pedro Gomez




Master Teachers and Featured Artists