The Manifesto

This EO is dedicated to ALL artists in the U.S. and abroad, committed to social, environmental and internal liberation. It’s for all the creative visionaries and activists who are ready to be revolutionary. Our eyes have been opened to the injustices and inequalities plaguing our world. Lives entrenched in poverty and hunger, a desperate need for quality healthcare in the U.S., police brutality, institutionalized racism, and the myriad other evils of the system create deep wounds in the psyche. Creative visionaries recognize these injuries and their efforts are intrinsic to the healing process. And, we begin by knowing ourselves and changing our lives. We are fed up with the bullshit and each day we make the choice to give back to our communities. It’s time to create a new world and liberate our lives. From art emerges political and cultural resistance.

No matter which artistic soul you embody- whether you’re a dancer, writer, designer, artist, filmmaker, musician, photographer, actor, acrobat, b-boy, poet, singer, etc.- more power to you. I raise my pen to your conscious, poetic artistry and revel in your mad skills. Let’s create the world anew. In the wise words, of the great African American poet and activist, June Jordan, “We are the Ones, We’ve Been Waiting for.”