By Christine Joy Ferrer

The illest breakers from all over the San Francisco Bay Area rose up and strutted their mad skills at the “BATTLE FOR CR8IVE ARTS,” reppin’ for their love of dance and in solidarity for arts education. Over 150+ dancers, observers, entertainers, and supporters filled the gym at June Jordan School for Equity on January 15, 2011. It’s the first of many events to come, engineered by SFCr8ive’s Bobby “Finesse” Vicario. This 5 vs. 5 crew battle for $1,000, organized as a fundraiser provided by SFCr8ive and Small Schools for Equity hosted by Kevy Kev 90.1 “The Drum” and Noelrokswel. All the Way Live powered the 2 vs. 2 (18 and under) All Styles Battle for $200. The judges: (all members of Renegade Rockers) Jazzy, Milestone, and D Rock. The goal is to support June Jordan School for Equity’s arts program, that is currently faced with the challenge of maintaining its array of art electives. Through art, culture, and community SFCr8ive strives to enrich the academic experience their students need to be engaged in order to achieve success after high school. Listen as these artists speak on the last time they were inspired. “It Takes the Hood to Save the Hood.” – United Playaz. For more info:

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  1. Assembling a site that is dedicated to American artists fighting for social justice is quite an initiative. Its not your common motive at all and I applaud the movement.I will continue to visit your webpage and show support! I have a site as well where my contents scope is the showcasing of positive happenings in Urban America. Thanks again for a great page!

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