Love? CastBy Christine Joy Ferrer

I’m most liberated when I finish writing a piece. I wrote this for “My Love Is,” a spoken word segment for a dance showcase that I performed in last weekend called, “Love?” The dance show was dedicated to my niece, Tiffany Faith Burnoski. I felt so honored to be a part of something so beautiful. A special thanks to Stephanie Hyland for inviting me to dance, speak and write:

My Love…is a choice. I’ve come to realize people choose to fall in and out of love instantly. But to continually love someone day after day, that’s a never ending process.

And if one day my love stops, it’s not that love fails, but it’s because I chose to fall out of love. And, sometimes things just don’t work out.

I use to believe in love at first sight. In fairy tales and happily ever after; that only ONE person exists for you. And that, to be in love you must lose yourself in someone else…. I’m not saying that this kind of love never happens, but to say this is the ONLY way love happens …wouldn’t be reality.

- Mahatma GhandiI use to believe in a so-called love that happens with movie magic, written by writers whose words sweep you off your feet; defined by social, religious and familial constructs and unrealistic expectations. A kind of love where “there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for that you,” and “I cant live without you.” But I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t say that there are things I just won’t do. And the truth is, you do learn to live on after someone walks out of your life. These ideals still affect the decisions I make in my relationships.

Nonetheless, I can say that my love is not perfect but is ever growing, ever learning, and ever changing.

My love is a conscious decision to stay in love with the one I love everyday. My love lives with intention and purpose. My love is my choice.


“Love?” is an explorative and compelling tale of the pursuit and struggles of love… Presented by Life Inspired Art in collaboration with: Fua Dia Congo, TS Design Marketing, and Jah-Oui Events at the Malonga Center for the Arts.