Starting with the story of five capoeiristas who depart from the San Francisco Bay Area,Volta Ao Mundo: A Taste of Capoeira in Asia is a collection of memories captured by their cell phones, GoPros, and tablets during a two-week adventure in Asia. The footage covers visits to workshops, capoeira encounters, and belt ceremonies from Indonesia, Malaysia to Korea as the capoeiristas get a little taste of capoeira and its expansion throughout Asia. But, they aren’t the only capoeiristas traveling. Mestres, instructors, and practitioners of the art form travel from all over to participate in these events as well. Players from Singapore, Brazil, Japan, other parts of the U.S., Italy, and the Philippines, were all present to play capoeira, party, eat, explore, and connect with one another. Without words their story tells it all. Jarrel “Chumbinho” Phillips, AVE founder

Source: Ave, August 20, 2014