This poetry project was inspired by an original poem by George Ella Lyon.


By Ricky

I am from dumplings and Dalian.
From a lively and interesting city with high buildings
I am from the coconut tree, peony flower, and green grass
I’m from a funny family that enjoys traveling; from Yan Jan and Xiang Bin
I’m from a family that likes to laugh and sleep
From not trusting in strangers and being told to be careful outside
I’m from Buddhism
I’m from San Francisco and Dalian, mushrooms and rice
I am from Dalian, Liaoning, China

By Yosselin

I am from trees, from flowers and strawberries
I am from the happy people in Guatemala
It feels like peace, looks like happiness, sounds cool and tastes good
I am from the sunflower, the ocean, pepián and tamales
I’m from a great family
On Nov. 2nd, we go to the cemetery to honor and remember our family
I am from Ingrid and Roberto
I’m from fun and kindness, from my parents telling me to follow directions and to study
I’m from a family that believes in God
I’m from Escuintla, Guatemala, pepián and carne asada
From a strong and honest, hard-working family
I am from generous people, and a family that always supports me

By Carlos

I am from pupusas and pasteles
From cheese, beans, and corn
I am from a small red house, in a place where the weather is cold
I am from the Izote; flowers of the palm tree
I am from a family that prays
From Eliza and Ronaldo
I am from days spent with my grandmother, having fun at the park
I’m from believing in religión, but not believing in spirits
I am from my mother, who is a very happy person
I am from a funny and respectful family
I am from  a country that is small and the food is very good

By Kin Pan

I am from music, japan and myself
I am from high sky rises, and a common spaces
I am from flowers, trees, books and computers
From David and Nick
I’m from cooking good food, learning new things and dreaming
I’m from music
I’m from Hong Kong, rice, and bread; where the food is yummy

By Elida

I am from singing, visits to the park, and food
I am from happy people in Guatemala
From good plants, flowers and trees
I am from the Marimba; the instrument and the dance
I am from a good family that helps other people
I’m from Quetzaltenango, soup and tamales
My country is beautiful
Moving to the USA made me sad
I am miss many things
I am from Quetzaltenango

By Doroteo

I am from Guatemala, tamales, and queso
I am from coffee, corn and futbol
From Candelaria and Maccdonio
Yo soy de una familia agricultora y me gusta mandar dinero a mi familia
Yo trabajo para llevar una cosa buena
Yo soy de Todas Santos, arroz y pollo
De mis amigos—Juan, Pedro y Benito
Juan es mi amigo, Pedro es mi amigo y mi primo, Benito es mi primo
Juan tiene cabello negro y Benito tiene ojos café
Yo soy de Guatemale es muy bonita, tiene un cultivo
Aveces esta nublado
Remember me my beautiful Guatemala

By Andy

I am from music, from dance, and baseball
I am from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, the white city of Yucatan
I am from the Chaya, “tree spinach,” a leafy shrub of Yucatan
I’m from the celebration of Hanal Pixan; the Yucatan Mayan Day of the Dead Celebration
I am from Virginia and Manuel
From playing “find-find” and playing with palitos chinos
I’m from Catholism, papatzol and chilaquiles
From a family known for their bad habits, from my abuelo known as “La Rata”
I am from a family with bad habits, but we’re faithful to one another


By Xavier

I am from football, rugby and Madden
I am from a big blue house
It sounds like video games
I am from mango, grapes and agave
I am from Halloween night and Christmas morning
From Tino and Xiana
I am from football and rugby fields, and school classrooms
From Santa Claus and the Easter bunny
I’m from TV, USA, pizza and corn dogs
From the emergency room and broken bones
I am from the green grass on football fields
And the muddy grounds of the San Francisco Golden Gate Rugby Club

By Christofher


I am from pupusas and yucca, from cheese and corn and dulces de feria
Soy de las canchas de futbol, se siente muy bueno
I am from the marina and la rosa
I am from family reunions, from Maria and Elba
I am from cumpleaños y Navidad
From telling my mama, “I love you forever”
And mi hermana me dice te quiero
I’m from Catolica, from Cabañas, El Salvador, pupusas y pasteles
Soy de un lugar maravilloso
Donde comemos muchas pupusas, pasteles, yuca y papitas

By Ana


Yo soy de comida, la music y estudio
I am from fun people in El Salvador
El Salvador es mi casa
Soy del volcán de Izalco
Soy de los dulces de feria, pupusas y tamales
Soy de el Dia de Los Difuntos y Semana Santa
De Rosa y Daniel
Soy de una familia tranquila y son buenas personas
De que hacen las cosas bien y que son respetuosa
I’m from Catolicos
I’m from El Salvador estado la paz, pupusas, y tamales de elote
Mi familia son feliz, no son problemáticos
Y le gusta ayudar a las personas que necesitan ayuda
Yo soy de El Salvador y mi estado es la paz y se practica mucho el español

By Jaemeel

I am from sports, from Uggs, and football
I am from a place with white walls; it looks good over there.
I am from plants, and pretty flowers.
I am from a bunch of drama
I’m from the Civil Rights Movement and a long generation
From Jaemeel and Jolemeel’s body
I’m from the green and blue planet and an American race
From a ghetto, and what some would call a dangerous place
I’m from people who scream at church
From General Hospital, fries and hot chips
From the little light I have, to the little starts at night
I am from things I do not know

By Kai Bing

I am from ping pong, from noodles and tennis, basketball, and volleyball
I am from a beautiful condominium I am from the plum blossom, that blooms only in the Winter
I am from dumplings and people who eat a lot of beef
I am from Chun Yan and Li Gao, who want to know what I am learning
And tell me to protect myself
I’m from music, Hebei, dumplings and noodles
I am from Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

By Karly

I am from libros, from música, y patinaje
I am from Puerto Montt, Chile
There is so much green grass and you see trees everywhere
I am from the rain, animals and the sea
I am from a family that collects photos and celebrates birthdays all together with cake,
From Nilda and Carlos
From riding mountain bikes and playing with my brother
I am from Puerto Montt, cochayuyo (kelp/seaweed) and curanto*
From living in Spain, and then moving to San Francisco
I am from Pucon, a beautiful and touristy place.

*Curanto, a pit oven and the meal of shellfish and other foods cooked in it, a traditional and also the oldest dish in the cuisine of Chiloe (Similar to a clam bake).

By Jorge AKA Alexi

I am from songs, food and pupusas
I am from El Salvador
The people are very nice
I am from trees, flowers, and plants
Yo soy de Navidad y dia de los muertos, de Ana y Elva
I am from love, the advice of my mom, the belief in God
My family is nice, good and beautiful
Las experiencas de mi familia son muy lina, y viene de mis ancestros hasta este dia
I am from pupusas, frijoles y arroz
Yo vengo de un lindo país y una linda familia, gracias a Dios Amo a mi familia