On February 24th, Ms. T's Movement and Creative Arts class (Dance 1) took a field trip on the Precita Eyes Mural Walk Tour in San Francisco's Mission District to learn about the history and context of Mission District muralism. Students photographed their favorite street art murals mostly from Balmy Alley. Photos taken by the students in Ms. T's class unless otherwise noted.


\"\" \"This mural is very beautiful and I really liked what it represents.\"
© 2015 Elida Sac Marroquin


I like this mural because it shows the importance of the environment and it reminds us that we must take care of our it. It depends on us as humans as we depend on the environment. © 2015 Michelle Barahona

Me gustó porque era único de toda la más bonita que me llamó la atención. © 2015 Julio Castanon Juarez


I like this mural because it represents a real woman,a Latin woman who died because of breast cancer.  It was made in her honor. I also like it because of its many colors and it's art. © 2015 Karly

I like because of the girl. It also shows how these people fought for peace so we could all have rights. © 2015 Susana Pascual Gomez

\"\" Y a me gusta esta imagen porque refleja cultivos y personas trabajando en la tierra esto quiere decir que las personas trabajan de sol a sol.
© 2015 Ana Osorio

Photo by Carlos D.

Me gustaron por que mantienen limpia la ciudad de las pandillas e grupos o asociaciones ilícitas. © 2015 Carlos D.


I like this mural because the police is arresting two people.  © 2015 Yosselin

Photo by Diego

I like this mural because it's nice. © 2015  Diego Capriel



Photo by Cristofer

I like the photo of the Virgin Maria. © 2015 Cristofer


Photo by Jaemeel

© 2015 Jaemeel Stone

More street art photos chosen by students who did not attend the field trip:


This is a street art from a little village Shanghai, China. I like this because it has a nice drawing and have a nice meaning. It represents a little girl wants to protect her house from the earthquake. - Ricky Zhang
Street art in Shanghai, China.

\"WALLTHERAPY Esta muy bonita para mi - Doroteo
Mural in Rochester, New York by Adam Francey.


I really like the shark in this photo. - Xavier
Another mural in San Francisco\'s Mission district.


I like this picture because it represents immigrant/indigenous people, like me, living in the United States, and suffer bad things because of the bad people, the government and the system, led by many white people. These people want freedom. - Andy
Balmy Alley Mural.