Part 1: Students were asked to find a movement or cultural arts video that brings social awareness to an important issue relevant today and is something you care about. Or, it could have been their favorite movement/creative arts dance video. They had explain why they chose the video, think it’s interesting and explain how they connect with it and email it to Ms. T. Part 2: Each student must present the video to the class and again explain verbally to everyone why you chose the video, why you like it and think it’s interesting or why do you connect with it.
Some categories to they could choose from:

  • Indigenous/cultural dance (from a specific country)
  • Circus Arts
  • Break Dance (Bboy/Bgirl)
  • Modern Dance
  • Spoken word
  • Musician/Artist NOT mainstream (Points deducted for MAINSTREAM videos)

I like this video because it is like a summary of my life and I also like it because it is in Engles. – Elida

I like this video because she is dancing and feeling the song. The meaning of this song is really interesting.- Yosselin

Me gusta por los pasos de sus pies y las bueltas que dan. Tanto como del hombre y de la mujer
Y las bueltas qye daban. – Hector

I like this dance because it’s from my country. You need a lot of concentration to do it. – Andy

I like this video because what it’s saying is very important to me. The words are very beautiful and I like also the steps. The music grabs me. – Cristofer

This video talks about love for family and love for friends. It’s beautiful music.- Jorge (Alexi)

I like this video because the music is very nice. This is my favorite style. The rhythm is very good. – Kin Pan

I like this video because it’s fun. It’s a new culture to me. They are doing the impossible. There’s a lot of funny moments in it too. – Cristian

I love the dance movement in this video, especially with the sound of the bass. It’s very nice. Watching this will make people feel great! – Xuong

I like the video because it is exciting and it makes me immersed. The team is the winner in 2014 Taiwan Match. They have so many fans. – Qingyun

This is my favorite singer. It’s also one of my favorite songs. It’s a rap song. – Ricky

This song is for romantics. Its location is also romantic. – Julio

I love this video because this is my favorite singer’s song. The dance is very special. The man is very handsome. – Kai Bing

I connect with the words. I like the sound. Their friendships are strong. – Ronaldo

I chose this song because it describes one of my closest friend’s experiences. She lost her close friend and they grew up together since kindergarten which makes her feel angry and sad. But this song describes a lot of what she has felt. – Crystal

 – Xavier Haro

I’m into extreme games and extreme sports. – Michelle

Me gusta esta musica por  los pasos y por su historia ke es bonita.  – Heydi

I like this story. It has good lyrics. – Anner

– Carlos D.