Dance Mission Theater x Loco Bloco x Poder X EOMVMNT (Christine Joy Ferrer) present Unapologetically Empoderadas

  • Sunday, March 28 at 3pm – Humming Bird Farm (1645 Geneva St, SF)

Four San Francisco organizations came together to celebrate Women’s History month. “Unapologetically Empoderadas,” was a community event presented by Dance Mission Theater, Loco Block, Poder and myself (EOMVMNT) in honor of International Woman’s Day. Featuring performances by local SF Cultural artists including Dance Brigade, Loco Bloco, TruPeople, RIsing Rhythms, Parangal Dance Company, Omulu Capoeira, Andreina Maldonado, poet Kelly Curry, and more! Over 100+ attended. The event was also live-streamed on Dance Brigade’s Dance Mission’s Facebook page.

Christine Joy Ferrer, Co-producer, Host, Cultural Dance Performer, Event Media Designer. This project is made possible with support from Grants for the Arts and the California Arts Council.

“The one thing Unapologetically Empoderadas DOES NOT mean, is to live in fear…” … the moment I spoke, something inside me was set free and unleashed, and the intention was set. When you flow with Spirit, everything flows as it should. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the over 100+ people who showed up and showed out and ignited  COMMUNITY and LOVE in togetherness again. If this doesn’t bring healing, then I don’t know what will.
And to ALL the phenomenal artists who shared the stage, ya’ll are fire thank you for leaving your hearts on the floor. Thank you for accepting the invitation to empower yourselves and honor the Divine Feminine Energy within you, and in turn, raising the vibration of our collective consciousness. Thank you to my fellow co-producers @stellarose30 of @dancemissiontheater @mayela.carrasco of @locoblocosf and Jose Carrasco of @locoblocosf And shoutout to @poder.sf for allowing us to hold space at Hummingbird Farm, so we could hold space. I am so incredibly grateful. And still reeling from the power that transpired and transformed this weekend.  Ya’ll don’t even know. ASE.” – Christine Joy Ferrer (AKA Tine)