The EclectiCreativ Project showcases the work of Ms. T's (aka Christine Joy Ferrer) Movement and Creative Arts (Dance I) class students at Mission High School in San Francisco, a classroom filled with native and nonnative English speakers alike.

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About Mission High School's Goals
With a strong focus on equity, inclusion, and anti-racist teaching to ensure that all of our students are supported to the fullest we have three critical school-wide goals:

  1. Utilizing student work to drive instruction, inform our teaching practices, and support student achievement at the highest level.
  2. Emphasis on post-secondary success at all grade levels to ensure that our students are academically prepared, eligible, and have a deep awareness of all post-secondary options upon graduation from high school.
  3. To have school-wide family engagement plan to create meaningful partnerships, build strong relationships, and deepen avenues of communication with all of our families in order to support our students from the moment they enter our front door.
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